Wednesday, July 28, 2010

HAM- 3 Ways from Sunday

Oh, that's not MY ham, it's just a nice picture of a ham because I was too bloody lazy to take pictures of my ham before it was decimated.

So we started out with a store bought cooked ham. It was huge! I was dreading watching the leftovers rot in the fridge over the next week, so I steeled myself for however many days of re-inventing HAM as it would take to make the boys eat ALL OF IT.

So... First you takes the hams....
Put it in a bowl with a bit of water and NUKE THAT BABY while you whip up perogies.
Perogies- boil them til they float, and fry with BUTTER- lots and lots of BUTTER and maybe some bacon and onions if you like.

Tada! You have HAM Lundi! Slice ham and serve hot with the perogies, sour cream, my brother likes mustard on his ham. Freak.

Day 2 "Ham Mardi" (Oh, so the name of the post implies we started on Sunday. It's a Lie. We had ham on Monday).
Right. So.

Take some more HAM. Decide how much they're gonna eat. Spread the slices in the bottom of a casserole. Spread some pineapple slices or chunks on top of that. Sprinkle GENEROUSLY with brown sugar. Bake in a 400degree oven for about 20 minutes- you're waiting for the sugar to melt.
Now, the feedback I got for this dish was great EXCEPT... the pineapple really changed the texture of the ham, and it was "suggested" that if I made it again, to use thicker slices. "Ham Mardi" was served with cheese smothered Tater Tots. I pretended the Pineapple was a vegetable.

OK, I could be clever and call this one "Jambon Mercredi", but that has no ring to it... We shall call it "Hump Day Ham" LOL
Start the night before by soaking 2-4 cups of split yellow peas in a dish (2 cups for 2 grownups, 4 cups if you have 2 grown men and a bottomless pit child).
The next morning, rinse the peas, they will have soaked up all the water and expanded but you want to rinse them to get rid of the whateverthatis that makes them smell nasty.
Add to slow cooker with at least 2 cups of chicken broth/vegetable broth... hell, there's no reason you couldn't use beef broth if you wanted to.
Chop up remaining ham, 1 medium peeled potato, some carrots and celery, salt and pepper, garlic powder, a bay leaf (to this VERY DAY I have never put a bay leaf in anything, and I'm positive I'm not missing out)... whatever spices you feel like. Top up with water so everything's covered.
Slam the lid on and cook on low for at least 8 hours.

Now, I realize that "traditional" pea soup is made with a pork hock, and I'm sure that it tastes SUPREMELY better, BUT... I'm just trying to use up leftover ham... This would go GREAT with my Cheddar Cheese Muffin recipe! Whip them up before dinner for a fresh hot add on to the soup :)

AAAANNNND, if there are leftovers lord help me, they're GOING IN THE FREEZER!