Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Shameless, I Know.

Other than tired, busy, away, lazy, tired, tired and tired, I have absolutely no excuse whatsoever for not posting for the last several weeks. I'm sorry.

Because I know you're all drooling  for my latest kitchen creations, here's some of what I've been up to...
Oh yeah, I've even taken pictures and not posted them! AAARGH!

First, and most recently- I cleaned my sink. Check out These chicks are awesome. They make me feel so silly for letting my housework slide the way I have. Apparently, it's supposed to be EASY. hahahahahah

Now, sad as it may sound, that is the most significant accomplishment of my day so far- after getting out of bed that is.


I've also done another awesome cake! Inspired by the countless foodie posts I seem to keep StumblingUpon, I adapted the "from scratch" recipe to fit my lazy assed preference for cake-in-a-box, to create the Original De-Lishes Beer Cake with Baileys Buttercream frosting!
Sigh... I can't rotate the damn picture. You'll get a kink in your neck if you look too long!

So, basically the recipe goes like this...

You take any Devils Food cake mix, and prepare according to package instructions EXCEPT instead of water or milk, you add Guinness or any other stout- be sure not to include foam when measuring. Bake, cool, and don't eat it yet!

The frosting follows my basic version of buttercream icing; one cup butter, one cup shortening, 1tsp vanilla and a crapload of icing sugar- now instead of adding the hot milk, add a good slug of Baileys or any other good Irish Cream liquor. Actually, you could add ANY kind of liqueur. G.Marinier, Amarulo, Kahlua, whatever strikes your fancy I guess! In this case, for extra "POW", I made sure to add too much icing sugar so I could add MORE Baileys!

The cake will bake up super extra moist and fluffy, and the frosting will be DEADLY, and most of your friends will be very impressed! The ones that aren't can go suck an egg- more cake for you!


I must have ditched all the other pictures of food... so sad, I had a mean looking French Toast post ready to go! So for now, that's it. Now go make some cake!