Monday, October 18, 2010

"It's all Gravy" or "The Secret's in the Sauce"

For some people, gravies and sauces are second nature; for others, they are a mystery. I remember discovering how wonderfully simple it was to make sauces from scratch- that was a long time ago. Since then I have suffered much dismay over how easy it was to TOTALLY SCREW THEM UP!

Have I ever told you about the "Rancid Pork Fat Incident"?

A long long time ago, my husband and I were newly married, and cozily living in our first apartment. I was so pleased with myself and my Mashed Potato Prowess, and my Shake and Bake Chicken Domination. I even knew how to make Gravy from Scratch! Anyway... One night I was making dinner and getting ready to whip up some amazing gravy. I pulled my frying pan out of the oven (we had like one cupboard) and noticed there was some grease in it. I didn't think much of it, in fact I don't think I thought about it at all. I left the grease in the pan and made the gravy. With dinner ready to serve and the gravy simmering in the pan, I decided to have a taste. OH GOD WHAT IS THAT! Whatever it was, it was not edible, it tasted like, rancid something... rancid... Oh! Right! Pork Chops! I had done pork chops like 4 days before. Obviously the grease in the pan had gone "off". GROSS! So I abandoned the gravy, dished myself up and warned my hubby NOT to eat the gravy "It's NASTY! DON'T EAT IT!!" I said.

Before I caught on, he had drowned his plate in the toxic sludge and was shoveling it in his face at record speed.  I begged him to stop, but he insisted it was fine and continued eating. I think he was sick for like 3 days. When I asked him "why the hell would you eat it after I told you it was bad?", he replied "because you made it".

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