Monday, February 14, 2011

HAPPY VD (or "Friendship Day" to the kids)

So I had this bizarre urge to decorate something, and decided to take it out on the children :)
Armed with the class lists for my son and my friends daughter (same grade, same school, different classrooms), I set out to create the cutest cupcakes ever... at least that's what I set out to do. 

One of the kids is allergic to eggs, and of course nuts are a no-no in every classroom nowadays (don't even get me started on that)... 

Did you know you can substitute applesauce (mixed with baking soda) for eggs in boxed cake recipes? Well that's what they say... although "They" don't tell you that eggs are what hold the cupcakes together. I'm telling you now- eggs are what hold the cupcakes together!. Consider yourself warned. 

These are some seriously crumbly cupcakes.

But they're pretty cool.

And the kids thought it was particularly cool to have their OWN names on the cupcakes :)

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Anonymous said...

Those are just so cool...........