Thursday, May 13, 2010

In case of emergency, fry with butter and garlic.

Every once in awhile, I get adventurous...

I'll be out shopping in the produce section, and I'll see a bunch of fresh, nice looking vegetables that aren't on our regular menu and buy some.

Then I get them home and they sit in the fridge, getting less and less fresh and eventually not so nice looking, because I have no idea how to prepare them.

I've since discovered, that just about all of these interesting veggies will totally taste good sauteed in butter and garlic. You can use olive oil for the longer cooking foods, as butter will burn; you can add black bean sauce or hoisin or teriyaki; you can add meat (start the meat first)...

Stir fry over rice or noodles is quick, tasty, healthy, and usually a crowd pleaser.

and that's about all I have to say about that today.


gerri said...

Sounds good.
I have a tip about celery if you don't already know it.
Wrap celery in tin foil and it will stay fresh for a lot longer. Not sure if that will help the veggies you are talking about.
Have a great day
Hugs for you and family.
A. Gerri

Lishes said...

Oh! I've heard about wrapping cheese in foil, but never about the celeries... interesting! Thank you :)