Monday, May 17, 2010

Mr Magic Eraser, Meet My Stainless Steel Pots!

Ah, the best trick of the week! I have these GORGEOUS Kitchenaid stainless steel pots and pans that my FABULOUS husband bought me for my birthday a few years back, but let me tell you, "stainless" is a LIE!

In a fit of desperation I took the Magic Eraser to my saucepan, and with relatively little elbow grease, the pan scrubbed up like new! It's a good thing!

Now, before you get all antsy, here's what I really came to write about

Sam's cake!
Black forest cake with whipped cream topping, painstakingly hand drizzled dark chocolate palm trees, and a treasure map design on top!
Oh, and not NEARLY enough candles! lol

Marble cake with buttercream icing- there started to be piping decorations around the sides, but alas, my kitchen was too warm, and I'm just not bloody fast enough! The Chocolate art was again, done by hand, late at night by a crazy lady with a spoonful of melted chocolate in her mouth to keep her hands steady :)
That WAS a ship on the cake, but the sail never survived the move to Emma's house, and the candles (again, not enough by a long shot) turned the whole thing into a "shipwreck" cake.

All in all, the cakes were really tasty, and very much enjoyed by everyone there. Next year, they're gonna share a big ass sheet cake with "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" stuck on top in pre made lettering! haha

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