Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Celebrating the English Muffin

What I had for lunch

I love English Muffins. Love, love, LOOOVE. I love them toasted with butter or honey or jam, or with back bacon, poached egg and hollandaise. I love them with egg salad, tuna, or even cheese whiz. I've used them for mini pizzas too!

Today though, I was feeling inspired. I found the creamy Havarti I had stashed in the back of the cheese drawer, then I noticed the avocado, and finally, I thought of the crispy romaine in the other drawer- I needed something without fat! 

So I toasted my lovely little muffin, added just a scrape of butter, and a teensy bit of mayo, then sliced the perfectly ripe avocado and layered that on, then the lettuce, then the Havarti. 

Ohh, I'm typing one handed and munching right now- let me tell you, it is DELICIOUS! I might not have the self control to go make 2 more, then 2 more...

** on the side... If I had the jalapeno Havarti, that would have been totally awesome on there, also, if I liked tomatos- I would definitely had tomatos on there too! 

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Anonymous said...

OH Now I realize my fridge is empty - of all times!!!!
guess I will have to settle on a couple of brandy beans to tide me over while I am 'working'!