Friday, January 7, 2011

Cook Along!

Join me this Sunday (from wherever you are) for Family Pizza Night! I'll share the recipe(s), you do the shopping and assemble the hungry mouths, and starting at 2pm Mountain Time on Sunday January 9, we'll all make some delicious homemade pizza!

The recipe for the dough is really really simple. I got it from this site here and had absolutely no trouble making it. This weekend I plan to double the recipe, but just as it is, it will make 3 medium pizzas! More than enough for 4 people.

You will need;

  • 1 or more pizza pans
  • large bowl
  • flour
  • active dry yeast 
  • salt
  • pizza sauce (I used 4 cheese pasta sauce of all things and it was delicious!)
  • assorted fresh toppings
  • lots and lots of cheese
Start your dough at least 2 hours before you want to eat- it takes about a half hour total to prepare, then about an hour and a half to rise. Each pizza will take approximately 25 minutes to cook, and you can do 2 at a time. 

I followed the suggestion at the recipe site, to partially cook the crust with the sauce and toppings before adding the cheese, and WOW that made a huge difference over my usual homemade pizza, even though I usually wimp out and buy the crust premade (ick). I'll never buy premade crusts again though, this recipe really inspired me.

So please, join me for Family Pizza Night, take pictures and let me know how it turned out!


Anna said...

very cool! gonna follow along!

Anonymous said...

not too sure what those two things are on the railing?
Leaves alot of imagination without my reading glasses........