Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Soo, I'm a total jerk...

If you take the C-A-K-E-S out of Cakesass, all you have is A-S-S... which is what I am apparently. I just looked at the pics I took off my phone the other day, and I haven't posted since MAY! Oh dear! so this is a catch up for everyone who's not on my Facebook.... 

Waaaay back in May, we had the special triple birthday extravaganza for Husband, Other Husband and Friend. Three birthdays in three days USUALLY means 1 party and at least 2 cakes. Sadly though, I was feeling exceptionally uninspired so I decided my 7 year old should come up with a design, and I would make it into a cake. The Husbands go sailing every year, so Pirate Theme is always popular. The kiddo did a nice stick figure picture for me to go with and I translated it into this baby. 2 layer sheet cake with buttercream frosting...

and of course I jazzed it up a bit :)


Then I decided Husband needed his favorite cake, so a few days later I made him his Black Forest cake anyway

June brought a belated celebration for one of the nieces, and more on time for her sister. Rapunzel is the hottest, and most fought over commodity in their house nowadays, so having an extra doll show up IN the cake was a bonus...

July... well, I just felt like having cake. I took some flak from a  jerk friend for the decorating job....
below the pic is the Facebook conversation that followed...how foolish indeed!
Minden  Lish....you failed Canada....our flag is not pink.....pink is for sissies!!!!

Elisheba  Minden, you are a jerky jerk. YOU try making actual RED icing from scratch! You know how much food coloring that takes?!

Minden lol I was not denying your talent...it is a beautiful cake....I am just saying....you have potrayed Canada as a sissy lol

Elisheba  ‎...And your point is?


Elisheba  No its made of mad hatters and dead indians but I couldn't figger out how to get felted beaver pelt and scalps on such short notice

Minden  really!? you really didnt know where to find such items on short notice!? Why do I find that hard to believe Lish? oh thats right...I KNOW YOU!!!!! lol

Elisheba  Well its hard to get my usual supplies here. Our walmart just doesn't work right

Minden  tis a sad sad day when you cant get scalps and beaver pelt at your local wal mart!

Elisheba  A sad day indeed.

Elisheba  And you thought a sissy flag was the worst of our country's worries... Silly girl

Minden  how foolish I have been!

Uhh... yeah, we tend to get carried away sometimes :)

Then September rolled around, and with that E and Child's birthdays... We usually do a combination celebration for them too. Since Child's friends are usually out of town on the long weekend, we then invite his classmates later in the month. So, the first planned day rolls around and suddenly I realize "I have to make the cake TODAY! TODAY!!!!". This here was one slick "oh crap" cake. 

And yet MORE September shenanigans... Again, with the elusive RED color- We were going for a "Circus" look, and, well... it was really pretty...
.really PINK...

Oh hey, it's still September! What a busy month! I'm surprised I can find my kitchen at all at this point! I had to make Child's "party" cake the next day, so I offered my brother a Meat Cake for his birthday. He thought that was a pretty awesome Idea, and it was a pretty awesome "cake". Really. There were NO leftovers.

Finally... On to the latest, and I must say, one of my FAVORITE creations so far.... The Club Penguin Igloo cake. I took my inspiration from this picture here- a CP toy....
And managed to come up with THIS!

I'd say it was a hit :)
And these 15 kids seemed to think so too... I'll take them over my inner critic any day 

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog! It's so honest and I can completely relate!! Beautiful cakes :)