Tuesday, April 27, 2010

HA! That'll Teach Him! (well, probably it wont...)

So, I've been nagging my husband to do a few things around the house for, well, for ever. Of course, home maintenance is somewhere down the list after "go for a walk" and possibly even after "back waxing"... suffice it to say, there is not a lot of hope that he'll ever get some of these things done.

This leaves me with three options; Pay someone else- I'm too cheap to do that, Coerce someone else- the other wives are starting to wonder why the menfolk are all over here fixing things instead of sitting at home NOT fixing things, OR I can do it my own, Elisheba, self. eeeeeek!

Ok, FINE, I will install my own coat hooks!

So here in the first picture, you can see I am using the very scientifically sound method of "eyeballing" it. I notice that the hooks are pretty much exactly as wide as the whatchamacallit in the door! How convenient!

Now that I'm pretty sure it's centered-ish, I'm gonna use some painter's tape to hold it up there while I go find the drill! Painters tape is GREAT, cause it comes off nicely when it's done :)

Found the drill, and got the first and second screw in without breaking anything OR hurting myself! YAY! But wait, the third screw is defective and the drill bit won't go into it far enough to turn it... Oh well.
TaDa! Now we can hang up our "wear them all the time" coats and the doggie stuff without having to worry about avalanching all the other stuff in my closet!
Oh yes, I am REALLY impressed with myself!
I just wanted YOU all to know how awesome it is to do it yourself (once in awhile)...

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good girl - your starting to think ---hhhhmmmmmmmm