Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Marvelous Muffin Making Method Minus Muffin pans.

Oh, I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself :D

I noticed the other day that among other things, I have permanently misrelocated my muffin pans. I haven't seen them in AGES. So last week I made muffin batter and stuck it in a mini- loaf pan, and while it was tasty, it just wasn't the same.

Again today, I had an urge for muffins (banana pumpkin to be precise), and wondered whether I could make them like this (see pictures).

Any old baking pan will do but I opted for two of my straight sided small cake pans.
It's probably not such a good Idea to over fill them.
I guess there's no rule that muffin bottoms HAVE to be perfectly round! And if there were such a rule, I would laugh in the face of said rule, and say- FINE! I'm not sharing my gimpy banana pumpkin muffins with YOU!

bwaa haa haaaaa!

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