Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Alberian Wasteland

Looks like March is out like a lion this year. We've had another inch or two of snow since I took this (my beautiful back yard lol) and the temperature is bloody nasty with the wind. We drove over to the Y yesterday evening and the doors froze shut on the car :S

This is the girl who holds down the rear defrost button in her car rather than stop and scrape the inch of ice off so she can see. The last time it got really bad, it took 3 days for it to melt all the way! Unfortunately, I can't park in the garage right now. The melt we just had turned the area outside of the garage door into a nasty bog and I can't even get the car all the way to the door without getting stuck. And now that all the old snow is melted, the bog is still 4 inches lower than the slab. I could just take a run at it, and make some big ruts in the slab with the undercarriage, or maybe tear off the oilpan... Or I could just suck it up, park in front, and scrape. Waah.

There is a possibility that I might post a food related something later today, but I'm too braindead right now to think of anything.

Eskimo Kisses Y'all


Anna said...

wow, sure makes me appriciate the lower mainland, it's beautiful, sunny, green grass, flowers bloomed, plus 10 weather today lol.

we live right next to a tennis club and people were out in full force last night (well since march 1)

but you have a beautiful home and dont live in 800 sq feet lol for $1500

Lishes said...

Lol, we've got 1800 for (well I'm not going to tell you, you'll crap your pants... it's ugly expensive to live up here)

The weather was effing GORGEOUS for weeks, but winter's not really over here til the end of april, so anything can happen really.