Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chicken Pancakes! or How Not to make Battered Chicken!

My favorite economical discovery of late is the "boneless skinless chicken THIGH". I can get 2 dozen of them for 8-10 bucks, as opposed to boneless skinless chicken breasts, which are 8-12 bucks for like 4. They are just as versatile as the chikin boob, and have more flavor and don't dry out! So last night I took some out for making... here's the part of the recipe that went well...

Honey garlic chicken

1 BIG blob (about 3 tbsp) honey

1 BIG blob minced garlic

2 tsp soy sauce

and because I had it and thought it would taste good...

1 BIG blob of plum sauce

salt & pepper

this is enough sauce for 4-6 chicken thighs.

turn thighs to coat in sauce and marinate for AT LEAST 1/2 hour. If you have your shit together, you can do this the day before, they would be EXTRA yummy!

heat frying pan with a generous amount of olive oil (not like an inch deep, but enough to cover the bottom of the pan), and cook chicken on medium heat, turning frequently to brown. They take about 10-15 minutes. When you think they might be done, take the fattest one out of the pan and cut into it. there should be no raw spot in the middle and no pink.

Serve over rice and mixed veggies.

Now for the part of the recipe that went all to hell.

I had this bright idea as I was heating up the pan "well what if I made a batter for the chicken? that would taste good!"... So instead of looking for a recipe, I decided that batter was easy, like what could it possibly have in it other than flour, egg and milk........

I whipped up my magical chicken batter, dunked the first three chicken thighs in and tossed them in the pan.

And watched my batter turn into pancakes with chicken on top.

Of course, these things never happen without an audience! My friend Katie was here and hanging out with me in the kitchen while I was doing this. She was very supportive- while she mad fun of my chicken pancakes. Sigh.

Fortunately, the batter was so eager to NOT stick to the chicken that after it cooked, I just scraped it out of the pan and carried on cooking the chicken.

So there's how not to make chicken! Next time I will look up a recipe, and I'll post you all with the results :)

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