Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Seriously...That was an awesome dinner! (London Fog and Appliance pics)

I made REAL dinner last night! Not chicken strips in the toaster oven, not hot dogs and Easy Mac in the microwave, not sandwiches and soup... not pizza, not Donairs, not Quiznos, Subway or KFC. REAL DINNER! There was roasted pork tenderloin (if you look back there's a recipe and how to from ages ago), broccoli and cheese sauce, 'faked' potatos, and cucumbers and cherry tomatos. I can't remember the last time I was that satisfied! Well, probably the last time Mom made me dinner! :) I is a happy girl.

There's no picture of the gas cooktop yet... it, umm, kinda got brooookennn when some big goof was trying to install it (big dumb goof being my wonderful tries-so-hard hubby) so we're waiting for the parts.

But here's the rest of the new shinies!

My new wall oven is sooo cool. It has an attachable meat probe in the top oven, so you can set the oven to cook to the correct internal temperature, it has convection and conventional bake options, there's a bake timer and a kitchen timer and is all in all awesome.
My dishwasher is also cool... with an automatic detergent dispenser, delayed start options and big deep racks... there is one issue, the water here is really hard, so you have to (oh gawd) wash the dishes before you wash the dishes :(
My microwave is lovely. It has 2 racks for multi food cooking, a really elaborate menu where you can cook by food, cook by weight, cook by time, sensor reheat... all packed into a very trekkie touch screen which glows a soothing green.

My fridge is a bloody beast. I love it. Adjustable shelves, big bins for veggies, a slide out tray at the bottom for cheese and meat, a water dispenser that you can adjust for how much you want to pour, and a lock out feature on the water so the kids can't screw around with it!
The dual freezer drawers are cool too. My one beef about it is it isn't bloody magnetic!

Easy London Fog
This is a quick version of the nummy nummy treat that some of us dorks will fork out 6 bucks for at the coffee shop. Use skim milk for a less guilty treat, use decaf for a before bed wind down :)
The "real" thing uses 2% or whole steamed milk, Vanilla flavored syrup, and 1 or 2 earl grey tea bags.

You need
1 BIG mug
1 bag of earl grey tea (I use decaf for an evening treat)
1 tsp vanilla
1 tbsp honey
Heat your milk either in the nuker or on the stove or, if you're awesomer than me, steam it with your countertop barista... make it REALLY hot but don't let it boil. Toss in a tea bag, add vanilla and honey.

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mem said...

mmmmmmm -- think I might try this one! sounds like my 'cup of tea'!