Friday, March 19, 2010

Easy as Pita!


I really didn't have it in me to post this morning, then I had a streak of ambition and went to the Y for circuit class. I am all out of oomph.

The sun is shining today, glaring angrily against the snow, which gives me a break from glaring angrily at it for awhile! Soon we will be back to the mud and muck, and eventually it will turn into spring for real.

My recipe for today is a lazy one. It makes a good lunch for the kids

Pita Monsters
Mini pitas
Sliced deli meat
salad dressing
Open the pitas halfway around, add cheese, add slice of ham, mix shredded lettuce with dressing, stuff pitas with lettuce. Call them Pita Monsters.
If you have more time, or smaller kids, you can shred the ham, cheese, and lettuce into small pieces, and toss in dressing, then stuff the pitas with that.
My kid likes lettuce, and that's a good thing. You can also add diced tomatos, shredded carrot, cucumbers... whatever they like to eat.
Well, that's about all the inspiration I have for today. Maybe I'll concoct something interesting for dinner this weekend.

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